Here’s my attempt at aggregating some of the questions I get on a regular basis, in hopes that it’ll give you a hand! And of course if there’s a question I haven’t answered, send it on over and I’ll do my best to answer.

How do I send you my pitch/press release?
What are your commenting policies?
Can I republish a post of yours in my newsletter/on my site?
What are your speaking fees and why can’t I find them on your site?
Do you accept guest posts on AmberNaslund.com?

How do I send you my pitch/press release?

Honestly? Don’t. (Read more here if you want the long version.)

I don’t write about tech or products, I don’t do sponsored posts, I don’t do book reviews any longer. It’s rare (as in spectacular cosmic event rare) that I’ll ever write a post about something I’ve been asked to write about. My reasons for this have developed over the years but mostly, it’s because it isn’t what this blog is about. If I’m talking about a specific person, service, product or whatever in any post, it’s 100% unsolicited and based on personal experience.

You can always, however, send me pictures of cute baby animals or llamas.

What are your commenting policies?

They’re pretty simple. I’m fully in support of disagreement or debate, and will happily publish dissenting comments or those that disagree with me or other commenters.

However.  My blog is not a democracy. The minute it gets ugly, I reserve the right to delete any and all comments I deem as defamatory to me or members of my community, potentially libelous, or hateful or threatening in any way, shape, or form. This is my blog, and my little corner of the internet, which means I make the rules here about what constitutes civil and respectful discourse. I believe in open dialogue but I do draw the line, and will enforce it. If you disagree with my standards, feel free to contact me privately to discuss them.

Can I republish a post of yours in my newsletter/on my blog/on our website?

If you’d like to republish a blog post or other piece of content from AmberNaslund.com, please contact me to let me know the details of where you’d like to reprint it and why. I don’t syndicate my content any longer.

I’m generous with sharing most of the time, but I prefer to consider these requests on an individual basis. Would be happy to chat with you about yours.

What are your speaking fees and why can’t I find them on your site?

My fees tend to vary depending on the engagement, so I don’t put a fixed rate or range on my site. I do have fees associated with most of my engagements, but not all events are created equal, so my fees are custom quoted on an individual basis.

Occasionally, I can sometimes be creative with compensation for my speaking appearances, and I do some pro bono speaking every year to support organizations and opportunities that I find valuable, both personally and professionally.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, let’s talk. Feel free to contact me and share the details of your event, including dates, goals of the event, and the makeup of the audience.

Do you accept guest posts on AmberNaslund.com?

Not usually.

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