Pitching Me

I really appreciate and respect the hard work that goes into pitching for PR. The goal is to get exposure and traction for your clients, and make sure that the right people hear about them in the right media at the right time in order to influence their actions and help solidify their views and behaviors around particular companies or ideas or products.

It’s a lot of work. So I’m going to try and save you some here.

My blog has had the good fortune to be listed on a lot of “top something” blog lists. It’s awesome that people read, and we have a loyal community. That means we end up on a lot of the lists that PR people buy, borrow, or research of the blogs that can help them reach a bunch of people in a specific community (mine are usually social media, community management, marketing, and stuff like that).

However, I have never to this day run a post that’s derived from a pitch I receive.

I don’t do reviews of apps or tech, or run stories about products, technology, press events, books, promotions, publicity campaigns, petitions, or anything like that. My audience isn’t here to be reach numbers for a news item, they’re here to read what I write and share, and on very rare occasion, a stellar guest post from someone I trust implicitly.

I don’t take guest posts. If I think someone’s writing or experience would be a great fit over here, I’ll extend the invitation myself. It’s rare.

All mentions I make about products, people, books, monkeys, amusement park rides, beverages or fleece blankets are of my own volition, and unsolicited (sometimes an exception is made when the monkey threatens to bite if I don’t mention him). I realize that lots of other people do it differently, and are eager to expand their audience, share relevant information about the tech industry, or build relationships with the media by promoting stuff on their blogs. I think that’s awesome and their prerogative, but I’m not one of them.

I don’t advertise, I don’t pay or get paid for links. I write, and mostly irregularly. Sometimes I piss people off. I write because I love it, because I have ideas to share, because it’s a great way for me to explore topics that I find interesting or challenging or pertinent to the work I do and experiences I have.

I don’t consider myself a journalist, or part of the media, or even that fancy of a blogger. It’s been a wonderful platform for me, but it’s intended for my community and to a lesser degree, my own expression. That means that my hard-earned reputation, friends, and fans aren’t something I’m willing to lend to a company I don’t know so that they can further their reach while I deviate from what’s made this blog my home and writing haven for the last four years.

Does that make me a hard ass? Maybe. But that’s what I’m all about.

If you’ve read this far, I think you’re likely an outstanding blogger relations professional working hard to build a network of people. If that’s the case, let’s have lunch or coffee sometime. We can even email. Tell me about your dog, your favorite drink, what you do on the weekends when you aren’t working. Skip the agenda. Maybe we’ll be friends. Maybe we’ll find interesting connections in our work.

But if it’s just an influencer or a popular blogger you’re looking for to cover your press release, I’m probably not it. Unless the monkey says so. But at the moment, he’s taking a nap. It’s okay to take me off your list.

Thanks for reading. I wish you the very best. So does the monkey.

Love, rockets, and the sharpest of tacks,


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