I’d love to hear from you.

Whether it’s comments on my work, rants, raves, or booking me to speak, this is the place to send a note.

BUT! READ THIS FIRST: What you shouldn’t bother putting in here?

  • Cut and paste product pitches or press releases (I delete them and yes, I can tell);
  • Requests for reviews of products, apps or the like (I don’t do them);
  • Infographics (I won’t look at them, post them, or share them);
  • Requests to place ads (I don’t take or place them on the blog);
  • Requests to guest post if I don’t know you, or requests to exchange links (don’t do those either).

If your missive meets muster, then carry on! (If it doesn’t and you send it to me anyway you risk my pointing and laughing very loudly, in public).

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