Amber Naslund – Keynote Speaker

Amber Naslund - Social Media Keynote Speaker

I’ve been on stages in some form or fashion for most of my life. From drama to music and professionally as a speaker, it’s truly a place of passion and excitement to me, and I bring my whole, authentic self to my talks every time.

For the past decade, I’ve become a renowned keynote speaker on digital marketing and social media. And while I’ve loved that very much, I’m moving into a new phase in my career, speaking about some topics that are quite personal to me but also powerfully relevant in a hyperconnected world where we’re constantly tasked with finding balance and belonging in our personal and professional lives.

Whether it’s the imposter syndrome we feel as we compare ourselves to every Instagram or Facebook post about people’s perfect lives to managing mental health alongside our busy careers, there are a lot of topics that sit just beneath the surface of our everyday digital worlds but that don’t often get talked about out in the open. I’m here to change that.

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Imposter Syndrome in a Digital World: Why We Can Never Manage To Feel Like Enough

Mental Health and The Workplace: The Critical Discussion No One is Having

Emotional Intelligence and Social Media: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever


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Every time I hear Amber talk, I am blown away by how smart, straight and to the point she is. Pay attention to her!

Sarah Barker

Director, Digital Fundraising and Engagement, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

[I was] really inspired by Amber’s radically transparent TED-like talk. A real breath of fresh air. Adam Grossberg

Chief Communication Officer, WebMD

Amber has the ability to distill and explain complex digital relationships (both personal and numeric) in a direct, easily digestible way. Having been among the architects of what we understand today’s social media landscape to be, hers is a first-hand account of the genesis and maturation of a media channel that is ever evolving. If you have the opportunity to hear her present, I highly recommend it.

Molly Kantrell-Craig

CEO & Founder, Women With Drive Foundation

Few in the social media space have the sound foundation rooted in marketing and communications that Amber has which makes her inherently more qualified that most to guide thinking for companies in social media, communications, marketing, fund-raising and more. Her strength is that her approach is practical, but rooted in sound philosophy.  Amber stands out as a true expert in a crowd of wanna-be’s. I have recommended her in the past, recommend her now and will recommend her in the future and without hesititation.

Jason Falls

SVP, Digital Strategy, Elasticity

Amber in Action

Imposter Syndrome and the Digital World

We’ve all felt like we weren’t “enough”, but the social and digitally connected world can make our tendency to compare ourselves to others even worse. Here’s my talk on finding your authentic voice from SXSW 2016.

The Future of Analytics: Social Data And Beyond

We all talk about wanting to be data-driven. But how can we really put data at the heart of our work? I talk here about how the role of data in marketing has evolved, how we need to bridge the gaps in communication in our organizations to make measurement really work hard, and what the true meaning of data should be in our companies.

Your Social Media Strategy Needs Personality

In one of the three sessions I did for CreativeLive, I talk about how to make your social media strategy stand out by actually infusing unique voice and personality into your interactions with your community. It sounds easy, but there are reasons why more people don’t do it.

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