Does this sound like your company?


    • You’re a tech company who needs to stand out in a crowded market, differentiate your offering clearly and consistently, and build a loyal community who comes to you as the resident authority.


    • You need a strong, well-rounded marketing leader who can move fast, make smart decisions on the fly, and build a strategy that will drive leads and revenue, not just eyeballs.


    • You’re looking for someone with experience across digital, including demand generation, content marketing, social strategy, influencer marketing, and paid media.


    • You’re fast-paced, and the people who succeed there are scrappy, get-it-done people who never settle and who believe in relentless execution.


    • For you, marketing is an investment, not a box to check. You know that marketing is the heartbeat of powerful brands, and that it’s the engine that drives customer experience in today’s world.


    • You value business acumen as well as marketing skills, and are looking for someone that can help lead within the business, not just the marketing function.


If this sounds like you, and you have offices in Chicago or are open to remote roles, I’d love to talk and see if we can help each other.

Amber Naslund - Experienced Marketing Executive

I’m a senior marketing exec that will bring your company:


      • Deep marketing strategy expertise
      • Digital transformation literacy
      • Sharp critical thinking and business acumen
      • Outstanding leadership
      • Relentless execution
      • Fresh perspective & enthusiasm

 I live and breathe digital marketing, am a passionate contributor to fast-moving organizations, and can bring you:

•  20 years of progressive omnichannel marketing experience in branding, communications and overall strategy

•  12+ years in digital, including deep experience with social, community, influencer and content marketing, especially for technology companies but translatable to any industry or audience

•  Agile decision making, adaptability to change, and comfort with ambiguity and faced-paced business

•   Outstanding company evangelism, public speaking and business development skills

•   Reputation, authority, and credibility as a best-selling author and digital industry thought leader

•   Leadership, strategic thinking, and bottom-line results

“I have had the pleasure of working with Amber for the last year or so. She is an incredibly versatile talent. An outstanding leader, Amber consistently finds a way to get the most out of her teams, while at the same time motivating them and helping them get better along the way. She has deep domain expertise in social, marketing and sales.

Amber will add value to her teams and their customers in literally any industry. She is also personally extremely strong in front of C-level Executives. Highly energetic, passionate and driven, she is a customer centric manager and a consummate professional. In summary, she is a great, multi-talented executive and a true thought leader.”

Bob Elliott

SVP Global Sales, Hootsuite

“I had the pleasure working with Amber for the past year at Hootsuite and it was an absolute privilege. Groups across the business relied heavily on Amber and her team to bring industry, domain, and customer knowledge across a wide range of disciplines to everything from events and executive engagement to marketing activities, sales training and beyond.

As the leader of our Industry Principals team, Amber led by example, bringing 20+ years of experience with not only deep expertise but an incredible energy and willingness to help and support. Having run marketing organizations across many different companies, Amber’s support with our programs was unparalleled and came with an unshakeable reliability that is rare to see these days. I greatly appreciated the ability to have a conduit across sales and marketing that appreciated all areas of the business and had a solid understanding of what would “move the needle” for our business while keeping our customers at the front of every conversation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Amber to any organization in a multitude of capacities particularly if you’re looking for deep experience, an incredibly positive attitude, and a leadership presence and cultural energy rarely seen. I hope I have the good fortune of working (in any capacity) with Amber again in the future!”

Jeremy Wood

VP Product Marketing, Hootsuite

So much has changed, it’s overwhelming.

In the last ten years we’ve seen technologies (and search engines!) come and go, the fad-of-the-day rise and fade, and applications burst onto the scene only to fade into nothing months later. What gives?

I’ve been practicing and leading digital transformation for over a decade, bringing businesses online for the first time in the 1990s and guiding them into social media into the last few years. One thing remains constant: digital is a channel, not an end in itself. We have to be able to tie everything we do as marketers to overarching business goals.

In the last several years, I’ve been able to:

• Lead marketing for B2B companies with up to $50MM in annual revenue, and lead a digital marketing subject matter expert team for a $150MM SaaS company

• Increase MQL pipeline by 5x in a 6 month period by optimizing digital and content programs

• Increase revenue for a professional services division by 112% in 8 months while holding costs steady

• Increase industry share of voice by over 35% within 24 months

• Attribute over 20% of annual revenue to influence from marketing efforts

• Recruit, manage, and mentor a team experiencing 6x growth

•  Consult on digital strategy for clients in CPG, entertainment/media, global agency holding companies, pharma and healthcare, financial services, B2B communications and technology, NGO, automotive, retail, and more

•  Garner nationwide media recognition and awards for content and communications programs

I’d like to try to do the same thing for you.

Want to chat about a role you have open or are considering adding to your team? Would you like to take look at my digital portfolio or grab a copy of my resume? Email me and let’s talk.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber at Sysomos for the past 14 months. Amber is truly one of the smartest, most dynamic leaders I have met in my years of marketing. She brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to every project and is a respected voice in our industry and among her peers. We often found ourselves strategizing and developing creative marketing concepts to better tell our story and amplify our messages. I always found her to be forward thinking and positive that provided a balanced approach to each challenge. Amber brings her best game and would be a great asset to any marketing organization. I hope to have the privilege of working with her again!”

Kerry McGowne

Former VP Communications and Strategy, Sysomos

“We needed to work with a marketer that not only understood the tenets of sound corporate communication, but who knew how to leverage smart social media. Amber [got] quickly immersed in our business and our brand, and delivered compelling results. She’s a trusted member of our team whose expertise has added solid value to our brand and our business. And she’s a heck of a nice person with a great sense of humour, so a ton of fun to work with too. I highly recommend Amber.”

David Alston

Former CMO, Salesforce Radian6

I want to be your next and smartest marketing hire.  Email me today for a copy of my resume and access to my digital portfolio.

“An incredibly gifted communicator with a knack for making everyone feel special, Amber embodies the concept of shared wins. Always looking for ways to bring people together and change perceptions about what’s possible, she truly is one of the very best thinkers around social connectivity. If you have a chance to work with her, you’ll be staggered by her intellect, but more importantly she is an absolute blast to be around, consistently blurring the lines between work and play. Find a way to interact with her. Hire her. Send a smoke signal. Buy her a beer. You want her in your life, trust me.”

Jay Baer

Founder, Convince and Convert

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