I want to help you be one of the most compelling B2B marketers out there.

I know you get a lot of email. I do too. But my weekly email is different.

It’s direct. Punchy. And full of the best content I write and find, because it’s everything you need to stay on top of as a B2B marketer today. What works. What doesn’t. How to stand out while you’re adhering to lean budgets and lean teams. How to speak clearly and authentically, and empower your sales team to succeed. And, as a professional, how to find that elusive balance between self-expression, professional decorum, and everything in between.

People come back to me time and time again because they know I’m WYSWIG, and I’ve found a voice for myself that’s authentic, real, and open but still driving business results. I can help you do the same thing in a way that works forĀ you. Sign up below and let’s talk each week.

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